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    The Christmas Collection


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The ultimate in luxury, Dragonfly Soaps are made from scratch in small batches with a base of pure Italian Olive Oil, Coconut Oil and luxe additions such as Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Macadamia oil and fresh purees.  Each bar uses a different recipe with a combination of oils that imparts multiple benefits for the skin. The rich body butters and exotic specialty oils create a decadent, creamy, lathering soap. Bars are hand poured, cut, bevelled for smooth edges and hand stamped.                                                       

                           Carribean Christmas *Jojoba Oil 

*SOLD OUT* Not fond of freezing temeratures and shovelling snow?  Fly away for a Carribean Christmas with this lushious tropical fruit and lime scented soap. Shimmering turquoise embeds will transport you to warm breezes on the tranquil sea.  *Pictured above left.                           

                Dance of the Candy Canes *Peppermint Essential Oil           *SOLD OUT*  What would the holidays be without this traditional treat? Classic mint and a stunning 3 colour funnel design make this a Christmas favourite! *Pictured above middle.      

                             Gingerbread Cupcakes *Cocoa Butter                 *SOLD OUT* The comforting aroma of warm ginger is brought to you in this adorable soap cupcake. Topped with a little gingerbread man, this makes a unique and fun gift or a special treat for yourself.  *Pictured above right..                                                                                                                    

                                Santa's Workshop *Avocado Oil

*SOLD OUT* A cozy and festive combination of cherry and vanilla complement the bright red and green irredescent balls embedded in this fun and colourful soap *Pictured below, far left.                                                                                   

                                   Sleigh Ride  *Shea Butter

*SOLD OUT* This soap brings to mind a sleigh ride on a brisk winter night while cozied up under a warm blanket. Indulge in a wonderul combination of sparkling apple, cool mint and warm cloves. A swirl of red and white topped with sparkling "snow" and a tiny snowman.   *Pictured below inside right                                                                           

           O Christmas Tree *Green Tea Seed Oil

*SOLD OUT* The aroma of Christmas trees, sparkling with newly fallen snow, make this a fresh and invigorating soap. Green and white swirls are topped with a miniture tree. Unisex scent.  

*Photo below middle                                                          

                   Christmas Toffee *Coconut Milk

*SOLD OUT* A light delicate scent reminicent of holiday toffee made with brown sugar, butter, vanilla and a pinch of nutmeg. 

*Pictured below inside left


                    Chocolate Covered Almonds *Macadamia Oil

*SOLD OUT* Warm chocolate and comforting almond combine to offer a lushious treat for the senses. Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter and Macadamia oil make this soap a triple moisturizing delight. 

*Pictured below far right.  *Proceeds from this soap to Team Shan                                                 

Cranberry Lemon Shortbread  *Mango Butter

*SOLD OUT* Warm and fresh out of the oven, the rich scent of lemon shortbread with sparkling cranberry embeds make this holiday treat smell good enough to eat. *Pictured on home page  





         Specialty Soap             

                 Castile Lavender Soap  


Castile soap is made with 80% or more Olive oil and is the most gentle soap for the skin. This particular Castile soap has the added benefit of natural white clay and Lavender Essential Oil. Please specify if you want the sunflower, rose, cube or square shape.

*Pictured on home page                                

Coffee ButterSoap 


Do you like to begin your day with a fresh hot cup of java? This spiced coffee soap which contains real coffee and rich creamy coffee butter is sure to get you off to a great start. 
*Picutred on home page                                                                                       
Unscented  Castile Soap

*SOLD OUT* For those with a sensitivity to scent this gentle bar of soap made with 80% olive oil and natural white clay is for you! Please specify if you want the sunflower, rose, cube or square shape. *Pictured on home page*                                                 


      Handmade Gift Sets

$10.00 for dish and gift box set + cost of soaps chosen

Looking for a beautiful, locally made artisan gift for that special someone?

This gift set includes your choice of two or three soaps, along with a soap dish, all packaged in a window style natural corrugated brown flutebox, tied with rafia, completed with an antique style gift tag.         



                         Please Note: 

My soaps do not contain detergents and preservatives like commercial soap and many contain natural food additives.  For this reason they are best used "fresh" within 6 months of purchase.         


                         FUN FACT......

My seasonal "Maple Sugar" and  "Apple Butter" soap were developed in honour of my Mom and Dad!