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              The Spring Collection  *Available for Pre-Order*


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The ultimate in luxury, Dragonfly Soaps are made from scratch in small batches with a base of pure Italian Olive Oil, Coconut Oil and luxe additions such as Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Macadamia oil and fresh purees.  Each bar uses a different recipe with a combination of oils that imparts multiple benefits for the skin. The rich body butters and exotic specialty oils create a decadent, creamy, lathering soap. Bars are hand poured, cut, bevelled for smooth edges and hand stamped.  


                                     Summer Pear 

Juicy pear accented with notes of citrus and green apple make for a refreshing summer soap. A beautiful blend of green and white swirls  *Below middle photo     *6 left in stock     


                                 Karma and Kindness

A unique blend of patchouli, lavender, sweet orange, and lemongrass offer a warm enticing scent. This soap has a mosaic stained glass effect on top which makes it look as beautiful as it smells.   *Photo: Above middle    *4 left in stock                                            

                          Bustin' out Blueberry  

This lightly scented blueberry bar captures the true essense of summer. The blue and cream coloured swirls inside add to it's overall appeal.   *Photo: Below inner left  *9 left in stock                                                                                                                                                                                       Urban Beat 

A woody masculine scent with amber, musk, oakmoss and a splash of lime. Smells like Abercrombie and Fitch's "Fierce". The intricate blue design and scent make this soap very popular with men!

*Photo to come  *7 left in stock                                                           

                                       Love Spell  

A lavishly lush blend of peach, cherry, orange and a hint of white jasmine. A special sunkissed golden shimmer effect is embedded in this beauty elevating this soap to "soap art".  

*Photo to come   *8 left in stock                                                                         

                                        Lovely Lilac 

An indulgent true lilac fragrance which brings to mind a lovely row of lilac bushes in a well tended country garden. Layers of purple and white are accented with a tiny purple flower that provides a unique and colourful bar.   *Photo: Above, Far left   *8 left in stock 


                         Midnight Kisses 

Sensual mirabella plum, raspberry, amber, and vanilla combine for a unique and wonderful scent. Layers of orange with a middle swirl of black and white create a striking bar. *Photo bottom far right *7 left in stock


                               Black Raspberry

Ripe black raspberries are mixed with warm vanilla. Dark purple, pink and white are combined in a special slide swirl technique topped off with a miniature soap berry.

*Photo above far right   *3 left in stock    *Proceeds to Team Shan                                               

                              Galactic Grape   

A fun swirl of purple and cream with a delicious smelling grape scent. If you are a fan of grape soda this soap is for you!

 *Photo: Below far left    *left in stock






           Specialty Soap                                

Coffee ButterSoap 

Do you like to begin your day with a fresh hot cup of java? This spiced coffee soap which contains real coffee and rich creamy coffee butter is sure to get you off to a great start. 
*Picutred on home page  *5 left in stock                                                                                  



     Handmade Gift Sets

$10.00 for dish and gift box set + cost of soaps chosen

Looking for a beautiful, locally made artisan gift for that special someone?

This gift set includes your choice of two or three soaps, along with a soap dish, all packaged in a window style natural corrugated brown flutebox, tied with rafia, completed with an antique style gift tag.         




                   Please Note: 

My soaps do not contain detergents and preservatives like commercial soap and many contain natural food additives.  For this reason they are best used "fresh" within 6 months of purchase.         




                 FUN FACT......

My seasonal "Maple Sugar" and  "Apple Butter" soap were developed in honour of my Mom and Dad!