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               The Dragonfly  Collection 


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The ultimate in luxury, Dragonfly Soaps are made from scratch in small batches of 10, with a base of pure Italian Olive Oil, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil and other luxe additions such as Cocoa Butter, Sweet Almond and Avocado oils.  Each bar uses a combination of quality oils that impart multiple benefits for the skin. The rich body butters used create a decadent, creamy, lathering soap. Bars are hand poured, cut, and bevelled for smooth edges.                                                                                                               


     Summer Sunshine          

This bright and cheery yellow soap contains Lemongrass essential oil for a refreshing, clean and natural scent. The bubbly, fluffy lather with the addition of Shea Butter provides wonderful skin conditioning, leaving you feeling soft and smooth.   *9 in stock    *photo above inside left                                                                                                                 

                               Raspberry Cordial  $7

The true essence of Anne of Green Gables is captured in this tribute to Anne Shirley and Diana’s infamous “Raspberry Cordial” tea party. Adorned with sparkling soap raspberries and a golden paper straw.

 *7 in stock  * Photo above far left 


                           Strawberry Fields Forever 

A melange of fruit slices with ripe juicy strawberries and sweet kiwi’s blended to perfection make this the quintessential summer soap. You may have to resist taking a bite!   *9 for Pre-Order    *Photo to come            

                              Cherry Blossom Bliss

This beautiful pink beauty has a light refreshing scent that combines notes of cherry blossom with a touch of jasmine, apple, plum and pear to create the ultimate luxurious soap.  *9 for Pre-Order  *Photo to come                                                     

                              Peaches and Cream  $7

Featuring luxurious peach kernel oil, this extremely popular soap is back for it’s second year. This bar contains creamy coconut milk to moisturize summer skin, is scented with fresh sparkling peach and is topped with a soap “peach” slice.  *9 for Pre-Order    *Top,  far right                                                                                                     

                                The Olive Branch  $7

Extremely gentle and moisturizing, this soap contains 80% olive oil with a touch of coconut oil for bubbles, shea butter for a solid bar and jojoba oil for it’s luxurious skin nourishing qualities.  Bright citrus notes of lemon and bergamot uplift the spirit, while a dash of ground olive leaf powder and a real lemon slice round out this exquisite round soap.

*9 for Pre-Order  *Photo to come                                           


                       Put The Lime In The Coconut                                 

A clean, fresh fragrance featuring tart lime and neroli with an added dollop of coconut create a beautiful scent with a creamy, bubbly texture. Topped with a soap lime wedge and a coconut soap ball.

*9 for Pre-Orde *Photo to come                                                                                    





        Specialty Soap                

Rosemary Suds  

         *Proceeds to Team Shan

This pure all natural creamy white bar is not only a luxurious body soap but also doubles as a shampoo bar for short hair. Very popular with both men and women, it contains Rosemary, Tea Tree and Peppermint essential oils for a wonderful scent.

*9 in stock   *Photo below far left             


        Ginger Gem *GEM SOAP   $8        

The irresistible aroma of warm ginger, blended with lime and bergamot are infused into this soap which also features ground ginger and beautiful golden ribbons throughout. Topped with a beautiful tiger’s eye gem stone that you can enjoy long after your soap is finished.

*9 in stock  *Photo above inside left                                  


Rock Star *GEM SOAP  $7

The second in my new line of gem stone soaps, Rock Star is topped with a real amathyst gem and covered in mini soap stars. This soap smells like a vanilla candy dream.

*4 in stock * Photo below inside left              


Please Note:

My soaps do not contain detergents and preservatives like commercial soap and many contain natural additives.  For this reason they are best used "fresh" within 6 months of purchase.