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             The Winter Collection 


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The ultimate in luxury, Dragonfly Soaps are made from scratch in small batches of 10, with a base of pure Italian Olive Oil, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil and other luxe additions such as Cocoa Butter, Sweet Almond and Avocado oils.  Each bar uses a combination of quality oils that impart multiple benefits for the skin. The rich body butters used create a decadent, creamy, lathering soap. Bars are hand poured, cut, and bevelled for smooth edges.                                                                                        


                                     Snow Angel *7.00

This special soap has delicate golden ribbons throughout, with a tiny angel perched on top to watch over you. Made in memory of the special people who are no longer with us, it's soft luxurious scent of sugared almonds, marzipan and cream will comfort you and surround you with love.    *SOLD OUT    *photo above far left                                                                                       

                         Spiced Cranberry Orange *7.00

The aroma of orange and cranberry will add a cheerful ambiance to your shower while the additons of ground cinnamon and nutmeg will gently exfoliate the skin. The result is a full body spa like treatment that will leave you feeling refreshed and your skin soft to the touch. NOTE: This soap contains natural cinnamon which offers a warming sensation. May not be suitbale for very sensitive skin.   *SOLD OUT    *Photo above inside left            

                       Midnight Moon *7.00

Every night I admire the giant pine tree in my neighbouring yard which showcases a splendid moon and brilliant stars. This soap is a recreation of this nighttime scene and when held to the light the moon and stars will "glow". A captivating blend of black pepper, patchouli and comforting vanilla, this soap offers a scent that is both warm and spicy.  

* SOLD OUT   *Photo above inside right                                                                                


                             Rock Star *GEM SOAP  *7.00

The second in my new line of gem stone soaps, Rock Star is topped with a real amathyst gem and covered in mini soap stars. This soap smells like  a vanilla candy dream.    *4  in stock  * Photo below far left                               

                              Eucalyptus Cold 911

A pure white bar containing uplifting Eucalyptus essential oil with a bit of cool peppermint to leave you feeling fresh and invigorated.  Topped with a green glycerin slice.  

*SOLD OUT   *Photo below middle                                                                       

                            Winter White 

This pristine white and cool blue swirled soap has enchanting notes of crisp apple and soft rose which fuse together to bring you a beautifully nostalgic scent.  *5 in stock    *Photo: Below inside right   


                            I Pine For You

The scent of fresh pine trees in the snow will definitely put you in the winter spirit. A small green pine tree sits inside this fun and cheerful soap,  *1 in stock

 *Photo to the right under the "Please Note" section     







        Specialty Soap              

Rosemary Suds  

*Proceeds to Team Shan

This round white soap is extra bubbly making it not only a luxurious body soap but it can also double as a shampoo bar for short hair. Very popular with both men and women, it contains rosemary and chamomile essential oils with a touch of  lavender  for a beautifully natural scent. Topped with ground rosemary and organic handpicked lavender. (All soaps are topped with Rosemary, some available without the lavender).  

*1 in stock   *Photo above far right                

  Butter Cream Bliss *No Colour Added   Containing a whooping 70% shea butter, this little round gem is a very moisturizing cleanser. More creamy then bubbly due to  the Shea Butter, it is a special treat for dry winter skin and offers uplifting orange and palmarosa essential oils to brighten your day.    *SOLD OUT  

*Photo below inside left       


         Men's Northern Granite 

Made for men but a big seller with women as well this sublime soap with hues of grey has a woodsy fragrance with notes of Amber, Musk, Oakmoss and Rosemary. Similar to Abercrombie and Fitch's "Fierce" cologne.     *SOLD OUT 

*Photo below far right                                                         

                   Please Note: 

My soaps do not contain detergents and preservatives like commercial soap and many contain natural additives.  For this reason they are best used "fresh" within 6 months of purchase.